I live in Michigan, and love to explore the state. In fact some of my best travels have been pretty close to home! Though I’m traveling only sometimes, I’m always dreaming and planning. I love to sail, a trait likely passed down from my parents, and I am a competitive figure skater. Here is a little something I have learned from skating: To achieve something you want, you must be extremely determined and willing to work towards it. I have found this goes for traveling, as well! Many people brush off the idea of travel, simply because they think it to be too expensive, or too hard of a lifestyle to obtain. Yes, travel takes good planning and saving up, but I believe almost anyone can do it.

From the time I was little, I grew up hearing stories about my parents’ travels. Before I was born, they sailed around the world, a trip that took them 4 1/2 years. In those years, they saw and experienced dozens of different cultures, learned new things, tasted new foods, and most importantly, made countless friends. I believe that traveling is not just about checking things off a bucketlist. It is meant to expand your views of people and cultures around the world, and teach you more than you will ever learn from reading books or watching the news. I don’t want to travel as the average tourist, I want to travel like my parents did, diving into new cultures and making friends in each and every country I visit. I hope to share my adventures, maybe some funny stories, and any travel tips I learn along the way!